Specialists Dr. med. Jens Hartmann


Doctor for general medicine and sports medicine


Treatment of joint diseases, back pain, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), trigger point treatment, neural therapy

Dr. Jens Hartmann is the medical partner of Prof. Wehling and worked as a sports medicine and pain specialist for many years. Dr. Hartmann has extensive and long-standing experience in non-surgical sports and orthopedic medicine. He looks after top athletes from all over the world. His patients include top players in the NBA, NFL, soccer and other sports. The focus of his work is on patient care and the clinical application of the new developments in regenerative medicine. He has co-developed several new procedures in regenerative orthopedics. Dr. Hartmann has intensively focused on the clinical applications of regenerative medicine in conjunction with complementary medicine, especially traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has trained numerous doctors in this field in these techniques. He is married and in his spare time is a jazz and blues pianist playing in a soul band. Dr. Hartmann plays tennis and is an avid skier.



2009 - present

Established the private practice with Prof. Dr. med. Peter Wehling to focus on molecular orthopedics and regenerative medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany


Appointed doctor for sports medicine


Appointed specialist for acupuncture


Education in traditional Chinese medicine at the University of Shanghai


Education in traditional Chinese herbal medicine at the Anglo Dutch Institute for oriental medicine (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Since 1999

Associate professor for acupuncture and Chinese medicine of the German acupuncture society Düsseldorf

Since 1998

Member of the research group Acupuncture chief senior physician at the Clinic for neurosurgery in Osnabrück, Germany


Education in Chinese medicine at the TCM-Clinic Nanjing, China and Kötzing, Germany

1997 - 1998

Education in Chinese medicine at the University of Peking

1997 - 2009

General practitioner in private practice in Leverkusen, Germany


Appointed specialist for natural medicine


Appointed specialist for general medicine


Residency general practitioner at Dr. med. Rolf Hartmann, Leverkusen, Germany


Doctorate at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf with the subject: the clinical relevance of trans cranial and trans spinal magnetic stimulation in cervical radiculopathies and myelopathies


General surgery at St. Lukas Clinic in Solingen, Germany

1993 - 1995

Orthopedics at the practice Dr. med. Peter Wehling in Düsseldorf, Germany

1992 - 1993

Internal medicine at St. Josef Hospital in Leverkusen, Germany

1984 - 1991

School of medicine in Bonn and Cologne, Germany