Science & Media Testimonials

Jacki Gemelos

Prof. Peter Wehling and Dr. Jens Hartmann have saved my carrier. Their work is something Americans are willing to try out in order to improve their performance - and in my case this treatment saved my carrier.

I wasn’t able to play basketball previous to the treatment. I had a 2cm large cartilage defect behind my kneecap and was recommended surgery (cartilage transplantation) with a rehabilitation period of one whole year. This was not an option for me Being 30 years old and already having undergone 8 surgeries. The Regenokine® Program was my last option and it has changed my life. I was able to play basketball free of pain and inflammation. I strongly recommend this treatment to anybody with cartilage defects. It is worth every penny.

Mrs. U. M-C. Los Altos Hills (USA)

Their Treatment for the severe osteoarthritis in both of my hands has, so far, proved to be very beneficial. I now have a lot more flexibility in my hands. Everyday chores are much easier to perform, although the stiffness in my fingers still persists.

May I, at this opportunity, also tell you how pleasant it was to be treated in this attractive clinic. The nurses could not have been more professional and friendly.

Mrs. L. K. (Sausalito, USA)

The Regenokine treatment is life changing.
I suffered with the pain and disability of a frozen shoulder for thirteen months.
I had six cortisone injections – to no avail.
Doctors in the US told me to “wait it out”. “Maybe we`ll do surgery to cut through the scar tissue.”

Then a friend told me to come to Düsseldorf. Three days later Prof. Dr. Wehling changed my life. 85% of the movement in my shoulder was restored and the pain just vanished. In just three days. And even better, after I left Düsseldorf I continued improving over the next month. Two years later I have 100% shoulder movement and absolutely zero pain.

Where in the world can you find that kind of pain relief – and get your life back?

Prof. Dr. Wehling is not only brilliant - but an incredibly caring doctor. He`s as excited about the results of his treatments as his patients are.
People speculate over what the future of medicine will look like. The future is here. In dusseldorf.

Mr. M. E.-S., Mission Viejo (USA)

My family and I wish to express our deepest feeling of gratitude. We also would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care by Dr. Hartmann and his staff during Moustafa`s procedure. The sensitivity and support of Dr. Hartmann and his fine staff helped us through what was a very difficult time.

I have undergone the Regenokine procedure a few months ago and from day one I felt the difference in my body and I am getting better day after day. After 14 years of excruciating pain and limited mobility the Regenokine procedure have giving me some control back of my life. I have less pain, more energy and more mobility now that I am able to maintain a healthy life style. I am currently capable to go back to school, work and even back to gym and do things I haven`t been able to do for years.

Thank you so much for giving me my life back.

Mr. W. S.

I had creeping pain for many years that stubbornly defied any attempt to fight it. In the end, even high doses of pain relievers only helped to a limited extent. Night sleep was out of the question.

I had learned from the regional press about the promising treatment option according to Prof. Wehling. That seemed like the penultimate alternative to surgery; more specifically, a straw, because a major operation like the amputation of the shoulder joint would hardly have made more sense - I am now 80 years old. All the more surprising was the actual success of the therapy, which is still completely unknown here. I didn't really expect it. After the third of five injections, my shoulder pain, which had been very strong up to now, had disappeared and has not come back for five weeks now! (Two insignificant exceptions: I had exaggerated a bit during exercise). I no longer need painkillers at all. I can confidently assume that this will continue to be the case in the near future, perhaps in the long run. Should this change significantly again, however, you or your practice are the only and best address without alternative - even to make up for the river steamboat trip, which was canceled this year due to bad weather. Thank you very much for your medical service! Whoever heals is right.

Mr. M. H.

In 2013 I had a severe herniated disc in the lumbar spine.
I got the special injection therapy from Dr. Hartmann. I was pain free after this treatment. After the second treatment, all complaints (paralysis of the leg) had disappeared. I got four more injections and I am completely free of symptoms, even though the intervertebral disc burst at the time and severely impaired nerve conduction in the spinal cord.

I have been recommending the practice Dr. Wehling & Partner for many years. I work in the medical field myself. By observing many clinical pictures in the joint and spine area of my patients, I also found that their treatment also has a strong soothing effect in most autoimmune diseases.

In myself, Crohn's disease (diarrhea) has disappeared by 90%. Neurodermatitis and bronchitis are also almost gone.

My wife suffered from multiple sclerosis (since 1987), after treatment the illness has completely disappeared.

Years ago, my mother had an apoplexy followed by dementia. After a year she is now fully legally competent and there is no longer any sign of dementia.

For me, this treatment is the most powerful anti-inflammatory therapy with no side effects that is available in the world.

Mr. R. M.

Eight years ago, I had my right knee with this special therapy due to severe pain from osteoarthritis.
I have been doing very well with my knee since then. Pain, function and quality of life have improved considerably over the entire eight years.

Now I'm getting this treatment in my left knee. Previous treatment with hyaluronic acid has not shown any improvement.

This therapy has significantly improved my quality of life over eight years.
An artificial knee joint was not necessary.