Hand Pain in of the hand?

Our most important tool: the hand! Grasping, lifting, hitting and waving are just a few of the countless tasks that are possible for us. Diseases and injuries of the wrist therefore represent an exceptional burden …


Hand discomfort - Common symptoms of wrist pain

Wrist pain can occur after an incorrect strain or overload. Tendons are then often affected and tendonitis develops. The movement of the wrist is then very painful. Sometimes the tendons become red. Arthrosis of the finger joints, the thumb saddle joint or the joint in the hand can also cause pain and lead to restricted mobility.

Causes of wrist pain

There are many causes of wrist pain. This includes:




  • Arthrosis
  • Dupuytren's disease
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Trigger finger

It is not always clear why arthrosis occurs on the thumb saddle joint or on the finger end joints (Heberden’s Node). Overuse, heavy work with your hands or certain sports can support the development of osteoarthritis. Rhizarthrosis often occurs in women over 40 years, in the menopause or by metabolic diseases, such as diabetes. There is also a genetic predisposition. After a clinical examination by the doctor, an X-ray is carried out in almost all cases, on which the extent of the arthrosis can be assessed. Conservative therapy consists of physical therapy or the administration of NSAIDs (anti-inflammatory drugs). However, because of the side effects, these cannot be taken for a very long time, so that injection treatments or a stabilizing thumb splint are then implemented. In the end stage, or if the conservative therapy does not respond, ultimately only the surgery remains.

This disease was named after a surgeon, Baron Dupuytren. The palmar aponeurosis (tendons in the palm of the hand) is hardened. The fingers can no longer be stretched. The ring fingers and pinky fingers are mostly affected. The cause of Dupuytren's disease is unknown, but a genetic predisposition is likely. With conservative therapies, an improvement can only be achieved in the early stages. Ultimately, surgery is the method of choice for increasing flexion contracture.

Most of the time, the patient complains of sensory disturbances in the hand. Often tingling and other improper sensations occur. The symptoms generally surface at night. For this reason, carpal tunnel syndrome is also called paresthesia nocturna (nocturnal sensation disorder). Carpal tunnel syndrome is common in women 35 years and older. The cause of the discomfort is pressure on the median nerve. This is caused by a thickening of the carpal ligament, which then leads to a compression of the the median nerve, which lies underneath the ligament. The causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are misalignments of the wrist after fractures, as a side effect in rheumatic diseases, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy or hyperthyroidism. An exact cause for the development of carpal tunnel syndrome is not known. In addition to the clinical findings, a measurement of the nerve conduction speed is very helpful to assess the extent of the damage. Therapeutically, physical therapy, pressure-relieving bandages, acupuncture or infiltrations are used. If these measures are not effective, only the operation remains.

Trigger finger, also known as stenosing tenosynovitis is a disorder of the flexion of the flexor tendon in the hand. This causes the flexor tendon to thicken, so that the tendon jumps and snaps in the area of the ring band. The ring band itself can also be too narrow, so that the tendon can no longer run evenly through the ring band. In this case, a conservative therapy approach is not very effective, instead surgical measures can be recommended very quickly.


How do we treat hand pain?

We treat arthrosis of the thumb saddle joint and polyarthrosis (arthrosis of the finger joints) with a combination of acupuncture and the body's own proteins. Depending on the stage of the arthrosis, we try to avoid surgical measures.

You are welcome to make an appointment with us if you have pain on your hand/wrist or on your thumb and fingers.