DiagnosticsCrucial prerequisites for an adequate and targeted treatment program

Diagnostics Diagnostics lay the foundation for a personalized treatment program

We lay great importance on comprehensive diagnostics appropriate to the condition, in order to compose a tailor-made treatment program. The below listed diagnostic components can be conducted through us in Düsseldorf, if necessary. Following the evaluation of conducted diagnostics, we explain exactly how and which of our therapeutic procedures can be an option in each individual case. A personalized treatment plan is drawn up together to achieve an optimal treatment outcome.

Analysis of previous history

Conjunct compilation of the patient’s previous history for a deeper understanding on the individual causes of illness; whether these originate from biological, genetic or injury-related factors.

Clinical examination

Precise examination of relevant and intertwined body regions

Validated Questionnaires

For standardized documentation and progress report we use validated and easily performable questionnaires and scores

Radiological imaging

If necessary, the following radiological diagnostic options are available:

  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray
  • CT (computer-tomography)
  • High-quality MRI (magnetic resonance imaging with 3 Tesla resolution)
MRT-Untersuchung Knochen Gelenk

Blood tests

For a holistic diagnostic approach we can, if required, perform the following blood analyses:

  • Genetic susceptibility analysis
  • Screening for autoimmune diseases
  • Measurement of inflammatory markers
  • Chemical parameters

Neurophysiological examination

The neurophysiological examination deals with the functional assessment of muscles, nerves, spinal cord and brain. These examinations are used for further diagnostics, for example in the case of spine diseases. Damage or illnesses of nerves can cause pain, sensation disorders or even paralysis. The altered nerve function can be measured using electrophysiological methods.

Web-based pain and function assessment (Duke System)

In certain cases we use web-based systems for pain and function assessment to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring treatment success (in cooperation with the Duke University, North Carolina, USA)

Our specialists
We aim to address the root causes of orthopedic diseases and pain with our personalized treatment concepts and unique injection therapies.
Prof. (USA) Dr. med. Peter Wehling
Doctor for orthopedics and sports medicine
Through our personalized concepts, we want to enable our patients to achieve greater active performance and long-term improvement in quality of life with a focus on reducing pain and improving movement
Dr. med. Jens Hartmann
Doctor for general medicine and sports medicine