Innovative orthopedics through visionary research

Our treatment goals include sustainable pain relief, improvement of mobility and performance as well as delaying or even avoiding surgical interventions.

Prof. (USA) Dr. med. Peter Wehling
Dr. med. Jens Hartmann

Returning to active lifestyle

Providing support for the top athlete up to the “best ager”.

Prof. (USA) Dr. med. Peter Wehling
Dr. Jens Hartmann

Dr. Wehling & Partner

The Center for Regenerative Pain Therapy was founded in 2009 by Prof. (USA) Dr. med. Peter Wehling and Dr. med. Jens Hartmann with a specialization in non-operative treatment of pain and musculoskeletal diseases. For more than 20 years we have conducted research in the field of molecular orthopaedics and regenerative pain therapy with a focus on proteins that have an influence on inflammation, pain and the optimal conditions for tissue regeneration. Our treatment concepts based on these findings define novel therapeutic options that simultaneously address the symptoms as well as the fundamental biological drivers of pain and orthopaedic symptoms.

Due to our special approaches, we have grown to become internationally recognized experts in the field of regenerative pain therapy, orthopedic aging and the treatment of professional athletes.

Molecular Orthopedics

Molecular orthopedics seeks to understand the biological causes of musculoskeletal disorders. It enables biological treatment approaches that intervene in and modify the actual disease-causing factors. We particularly focus on the regulation of therapeutic proteins that influence underlying biological processes in the orthopedic disease, simultaneously influencing the underlying causes and the symptom of pain.

Molekulare Orthopädie Wehling und Partner

Regenerative Pain Therapy

Regenerative medicine deals with the treatment of diseases by restoring dysfunctional cells, tissues and organs. Naturally occurring body-own regenerating and healing mechanisms are stimulated and the hereby secreted anti-inflammatory proteins and regenerative growth factors are then re-injected into diseased body regions. The effect of the treatment can unfold over a period of time, as biologic-natural tissue regeneration is a comprehensive process.

In contrast to conventional pain therapies, regenerative pain therapy targets underlying processes of the disease and pain itself – not just surpressing symptoms. We are regarded as pioneers in this field of medicine.

Regenerative Medizin Regeneration Düsseldorf

Our vision

We want to create a world where aging and orthopedic pain no longer have a negative impact on quality of life by significantly slowing or reversing the underlying processes of diseases and pain.


Our mission

We accompany patients – from professional athletes to “golden agers” – in improving their quality of life and performance as well as achieving active aging.

Mission Ärzte regenerative Medizin Düsseldorf

Our philosophy

Through precise diagnostics and personalized treatment concepts we not only target the symptoms, but also specifically address the underlying molecular causes of pain and the orthopedic disease.

Our specialists
We aim to address the root causes of orthopedic diseases and pain with our personalized treatment concepts and unique injection therapies.
Prof. (USA) Dr. med. Peter Wehling
Doctor for orthopedics and sports medicine
Through our personalized concepts, we want to enable our patients to achieve greater active performance and long-term improvement in quality of life with a focus on reducing pain and improving movement
Dr. med. Jens Hartmann
Doctor for general medicine and sports medicine